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Date:2012-04-22 Source:德州大河生物燃料机械有限公司 Hit:



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Date:2012-04-22 Source:德州大河生物燃料机械有限公司 Hit:

Coal combustion produces a large amount of waste gas and dust, which is one of the main culprits of environmental pollution. According to data provided by the National Development and Reform Commission, every ton of standard coal burned in an industrial boiler produces 2,620 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 8.5 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, and 7.4 kilograms of nitrogen oxides. The rising prices of kerosene, gas, and electricity have caused many companies that use boilers to face tremendous pressure and complain!

Today's society is busy dealing with the energy crisis (oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and other non-renewable resources are increasingly depleted). Energy prices continue to rise, which increasingly seriously affects the international economic situation and people's normal lives. How to save energy and how to reduce emissions has become The focus of global attention. The "biofuel machine" invented and developed by our company came into being. It converts various renewable crop straws, bark and branch waste from forestry, and scraps from furniture and flooring factories into high-quality The fuel supply boiler and hot air equipment are supplied to various energy-consuming enterprises. After testing, it has sufficient combustion, strong firepower, no harmful gas emissions, and very low dust emissions. Its birth will cause a big "earthquake" in the industry. ”, which not only saves limited resources such as coal, oil, electricity, and gas, but also achieves the goal of meeting emission standards and protecting the environment.

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